Portable Stakeless Windproof Beach Sunshade and Gazebo Tent - 210 X 210 - with Sand Anchors.

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The portable and lightweight Beach Sunshade is the ultimate definition of convenience intertwined with protection from outdoor elements.
It is big enough to accommodate four adults thanks to its 210 by 210cm polyester fabric wingspan yet tall enough that you can fit several full-size chairs.
This makes it your ideal companion for family picnics, beach lounging, shelter during sporting events and simple camping excursions.
The mechanical support mechanism, which employs a stake-less anchor up support and instant set-up design, is sturdy enough to withstand strong gales of wind without being overbearingly heavy.

As far as the quality of the shade goes, the compact and breathable polyester fabric will accord you a UPF 30+ protection thus shielding you from even the strongest rays of the sun. 
What's more, you can now enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors at a fraction of the usual costs of buying a conventional bulky tent!

What's included:
1 Sunshade tent 
2 Poles in storage bag 

Assembly :

1. Lay the tent out flat - front facing the wind
2. Fill 4 corner anchor bags with sand or rocks - fill HALF full only.
3. Insert ends of joined poles into grommet holes or tent - raise sunshade carefully.
4. Move the tent, let it face the wind direction. 
4. The standing tent should be facing the direction of the wind.
5. Fine tune the tent - pull fabric taut - fill with more sand or rocks in heavy wind 

We guarantee that you will receive a product that is of the highest quality.
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the bomb!!

These are the bomb diggity!!!! First of all, I should get commission from the company because I sold no less than 10 to all the people stopping us to ask where we got them. ;) If your family schleps as much stuff to the beach as ours, you know that carrying everything is a PAIN! These little gems only weigh 4 pounds, set up in seconds, and provide a ton of shade, while allowing the breeze to blow through to keep you cool. We used these every day for a week at the beach, had 0 issues, and fell in love with them a little more each day. We have several fair haired members in our family, that can't tolerate baking for hours. These were the perfect solution! These are perfect for sitting in the sand on blankets, or low beach chairs, but still function fine for taller chairs. I will never go to the beach without them, and plan to use them at our sports tourneys, if there's no rain in the forecast, instead of lugging our huge, heavy pop-up tents. You won't be sorry you ordered them!