Do you magnetic therapy bracelets work?

Our magnetic link bracelets contain up to seventeen powerful atomic number 60 Magnets that are known for several years to assist relieve carpus discomfort. Our magnet jewelry is created from robust stainless-steel and can provide you with years of use. stainless-steel won't tarnish or flip and therefore the gold within the silver and gold bracelets options eighteen K gold plating.


Some designs vary in size and can't be precise thanks to the scale of the links that square measure removed during sizing.

Why Wear Magnets?

"Scientific analysis has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems, attract and repel charged particles within the bloodstream increasing circulation, stimulate tissue regeneration, and cut back, pain. Magnets may be safe alternatives for: assuaging pain and stiffness associated with sports activities like tennis or golf; promoting healing via the body's own internal mechanisms; increasing circulation; reducing inflammation; and for multiple specific ailments associated with all systems of the body, even mental health."

Benefits of wearing Magnets

Traditional Chinese doctors have known for millennia that a magnetic flux, once next to the body, may markedly increase the wearer’s important life force, known as Chi. This effect is increased when magnets are applied over acupressure points, like once decorated in bracelets. in the West, double Nobelist Dr. Pauling found that the electrolytic salts present in our blood circulate bio-magnetically, so the proximity of a magnetic flux might help improve circulation throughout the body. In 1954, Dr. Pauling, received a honor for his discovery of the magnetic properties of hemoglobin. He found that iron, and plenty of electrolytic salts in our blood, flow into bio-magnetically. Therefore, the proximity of a magnetic field may lead to AN acceleration of circulation and the transfer of energy to all areas of the body.


"In a 2004 study of 194 adults with arthritis of the hip or knee, researchers found that those that wore magnetic bracelets for twelve weeks had a decrease in arthritis-associated pain. Meanwhile, a 2001 study of sixty-four individuals with rheumatoid arthritis of the knee showed that sixty-eight percent of these WHO used magnetic medical aid reported feeling higher or far better after one week. "Magnetic therapy for Pain" by Cathy Wong Health's disease and Condition articles are reviewed by their medical board.